Duck Pin Bowling (March 2007)

Our group had a lot of fun duck pin bowling at AMF Pikesville.

The "gang."

Julio strikes a pose.

Regina ready for a strike, while Dave and others look on.

Julio, Michael and Howard step up to the line.

Mitch takes his turn.

Howard goes for a strike.

The spectator section.

Everyone watches while Eric concentrates.

Lynn shows her style.

Michael and Howard wait while Claire shows her stuff.

Sue shows how it's done.

Steve going for 10 pins.

Diane watches with Sue on deck.

Laura bowls while Diane watches her ball with Sue waiting her turn.

Daves gets ready.

Lea concentrates.

Lisa in motion.

After bowling, some of us had coffee and tea at Barnes & Noble. Ironically, the only seats available were in the children's section!

Posted by Mitch Greenberg at March 15, 2007 09:11 PM