Super Bowl Potluck (February 2007)

Our chapter was contacted by the US Correspondent for Swiss National Television. They were doing a story on Swiss people who chose not to have children. Because there was no organization in Switzerland like No Kidding!, they wanted to do a piece on No Kidding! in the US as part of the larger story. The Correspondent, Sebastien, asked if he could cover our Super Bowl Pot Luck Dinner. Sebastien interviewed 5 current members before the party began. Once the game started, his camerman filmed our group watching the game and enjoying the party. Thank you Claire and Eric for hosting such a wonderful party and for allowing the Swiss Television team to join us.

Patti being interviewed by Sebastien with Rob looking on

Rob was interviewed next

Part of our group enjoying the game ... and the commercials

More of our group watching the game

Posted by Mitch Greenberg at February 9, 2007 11:11 PM